Born in 1950
Living in Roeselare (Belgium)


Being a teenager , for a few years I attended a training at the local academy of art.
Due to my professional occupations I only painted occasionally since the age of 32.

Nevertheless from 2008 on my creativity gained the upper hand again and I started working in my own typical style, which can be described as: figurative, actual and stylistic.

Lots of my paintings are close-ups of faces focusing on the expression of the eyes, a look that is moving away, never looking directly at the spectator but the more intriguing, the eyes being the mirror of the soul.

Most of my works emphasize a strong female sensuality due to the almond-shaped eyes, and the long slim necks.From time to time there are slender hands often trying to reveal the story behind the painting.

My sturdy male creatures are very typical and flirting with exaggeration and should be considered as a nod to the cartoon.

In my work, which I consider as a mix of expressionism and pop-art, the colour range is most important.
Through the interaction of bright colours, contrast in brightness and expressions on the faces of my fictive creatures, I try to transfer my inner aims to the spectator.

Each artist feels the inner urge to express his emotions.His work can be considered as successful when he can observe his feelings being reflected byn his public. (admiration, shiver, a smile,aversion, tears)